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Wee King Charles accuses someone else of cherrypicking?  Really?  The cosmic irony meter just shot past “11”.

Johnson, of course, is doing what lesser bloggers have done forever – try to pick fights with the big boys to boost traffic.  For most, it’s an attempt to gain recognition.  For Wee King Charlie, it’s trying to reclaim recognition that he’s lost due to his erratic and batshit crazy behavior.

Speaking of Wee King Charlie and cherrypicking…

The thing that’s the funniest about all of this is CJ’s whining that “he’s being attacked”.  Well, that may be – but in every case it’s a fight he picked.  He doesn’t start out by saying he has a disagreement with someone over a point, and then argue why he thinks they are wrong.  He starts out by vilifying his target, being disingenuous at best and dishonest in actuality, and then cries that he’s being attacked.  And his rapidly shrinking legions of sycophants carry the meme forward by writing posts about how Wee King Charlie is under attack for absolutely no reason at all.

As we say in Texas – don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cover.


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