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No one can resist the allure of BACON!

A Muslim who claimed he was forced to cook pork products has lost his discrimination lawsuit against Scotland Yard after it was discovered he enjoys a good bacon roll.

It really is true – Bacon makes everything better (and yes, Bacon should always be capitalized.  Always.).

Mmmmmmmm.  Cupcakes.

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The original title?  “Hundreds gather to protest global warming”

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Anthropogenic Global Warming

DDT and Malaria

The Hope and Change Presidency.  The economy, foreign policy, domesticm policy, Afstan, cash for clunkers, spendulous, cap and trade, health care reform – pick whichever seems the most important to you and run with it.

Cold Fusion gets an honorable mention, but didn’t quite make the grade to be one of the big 3.  Plus, I needed room to take a gratuitous swipe at the magic unicorn of hope n change.

The difference between AGW and cold fusion is that Fleischmann and Pons, original claimants of cold fusion technology, made their materials and methods available for widespread scrutiny.  This scrutiny quickly led to objective observers finding problems with the methodologies and conclusions, and challenging them.  If only a similar tract had been followed in the AGW debate – who knows how many trillions of dollars could have been saved and used for something productive.  As for that “making your data and methods available for others to replicate your work” – it’s really not that novel of a concept – it’s called the scientific method.

Your list, of course, may differ

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New Orleans is the epitome of a welfare state – full of people who will sit on their butts all day, waiting for their checks, and always wanting more, more, more in the form of free handouts.  So it shouldn’t be any surprise that the only Republican (rotflol) to vote for Pelosicare represents them.

Almost no chance Cao will be voted out of office – all you have to do is promise many of the residents of NOLA something for free, and they’ll follow you anywhere.  If by “follow” you mean hold their hands out and scream loudly that whatever you’re doing for them, it isn’t enough.  And yes, I get to have these opinions because I lived in Louisiana for 10 years and watched my tax dollars get poured down the drain on NOLA.

I do miss King Cake, however.

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Unless, of course, you’re talking about Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or perhaps a military veteran.

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But being shot by one was apparently ok.  Or at least massively ironic, on a universal scale.

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